In the Record: More About Stephen Curtis


Research from the Brazos County Historical Commission.

CURTIS, Stephen (b. ca. 1806, d. after 1880) — Minister and political leader

There is a correction that needs to be made on his date of date. We have found documentation showing he died on February 3, 1893 in Columbus, KS.

Here is an excerpt from that Historical Commission record:

“Respectfully referred to 1st Lieut. I.T. KIRKMAN 26th U.S. Infantry, A.A.A.G. Bu. R. F. &c., State of Texas, with the following statement. Mr. SEGUIN states that he had hired the boy Spencer who is of a very diminuative size for his age, for $1 a day for every days service as a teamster. He also states that the boy was not able to take the team he intended him for, that he was laid up for three weeks on account of bad weather & that he left his service, after keeping him on all the winter as soon as dry weather set in. As the service rendered by Spencer was very little I have decided that $12 per month was good pay. Stephen CURTIS the father had moreover taken the note of SEGUIN for $25 with which he seemed perfectly satisfied. This was done before the case was reported to me, but he changed his mind and laid the matter before me demanding $75.”

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The reason the Brazos County Historical Commission has compiled this information is because of the years our ancestors spend in this county and the major impact he had while there in the political arena.