New Curtis Relatives Found?

Over the past few days I have found a number of Curtises in Texas that may or may not be connected to us in some way. Some came to Texas from Georgia, which raises all kinds a questions. I will continue to add to this post about what I find about these folks.

The image (click image to enlarge) is of a headstone application for a Calvin Curtis, I have come across at least 5 Calvin Curtises for example that seem to be connected to us in some way. This Calvin Curtis drew my attention mainly because of his name and because he was born in Texas in the 1800s. And even though we know this is not the same Calvin in the 1870-household with Stephen and others, we have to ask ourselves the question: who is he and is he related to us in some way.

Below are three other images of several more unknown Curtises found in the records (click image to enlarge). There are many, many more! Stay tuned!

Death Certificate of an Alex Curtis, Jr

Another Sam Curtis!

Death certificate of a Corine Curtis, daughter of a Tommie Curtis

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